About Us

Endless Design Ltd. is a promising reputed buying house in Bangladesh which provides Manufacturing, Merchandising and cost effective Sourcing solution. We produce all kind of flat and circular Knitwear, Woven, Socks, Shoes, Caps, Lingerie, outwear/Jacket in Bangladesh. We pride ourselves with our people; Endless Design in house technical team has over 20 years combined experience. Our teams include individuals with a wide range of product development and production backgrounds for large and small brands. This allows us to offer our buyers the best technical support to fulfill their requirements.

Our focus is on research, planning, sourcing, creative and technical design, innovative fabric with best price, quality as well as punctual delivery assurance. Importantly one of our main concerns is to provide competitive price to our valued customers.

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Our Products

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We offer the most competitive price to our customers. Our expertise to source raw material at a very favorable price, to improve consumption and efficiency along with production and technical expertise enable us to reduce the cost to a minimum. Years of experience and Strong work ethics have ensured a strong network of credible and competent suppliers who offer sensible pricing without compromising quality.


Our target is always to ensure delivery in the given lead-time. To achieve this, we rigorously maintain action calendar for every order. We try to blend the technical knowledge of our highly qualified professional expatriate with the industry knowledge of locally groomed experts to ensure buyer’s requirements are fulfilled in a timely manner.


Endless Design Ltd. is committed to satisfy customer expectations and needs. We never compromise with the quality of the product. Our stringent quality control implemented by seasoned and skilled quality control team results in flawless manufactured products. Our team emphasizes on ‘attention to detail’ in order to adhere to the specifications provided by the clients. Needless to say, we aim not only to meet the requirement but also to surpass the expectations of our customers.

Quality Control

In house inspection team

Our in house inspection team follows a stringent procedure ensuring quality of bulk production. It is a four stage process carried out during production PP meeting, DPI,pre-FRI and final inspection at the floor level conducted by qualified quality controller.

Factory sourcing

Factory base is paramount and we have forged partnership with a number of factories over the years. The factories go through a rigorous pre- qualification process before they may be selected and added on to the pool.

Product management

We have teams of seasoned quality control and merchandiser monitoring production at the factory level at each development stage to ensure quality, spec compliant product development and timely delivery. Checklist mechanism is in place to further ensure all requirements are met without fail

Our Goals : our vision is to achieve business excellence by serving and making buyers happy where our garments quality will be the keystone of success.